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When the pain becomes too much

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 10:13am by Nicole Eagle & Elora & Lieutenant Beatrix

Mission: S1, E4: Where is Typhon?
Location: Eagle's Quarters
Timeline: MD002 0900 hrs


Nicole awoke to the sound of silence, Andy had left a note saying he was taking his neices out for a walk so she could rest and to enjoy it but the silence was deafening! There was no JJ to hold her tight, to be there to keep her warm and kiss her good morning or goodnight. Getting out of bed she walked to the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror before in a fit of temper she threw a bottle and smashed the mirror.

Bursting into tears she bent down to pick up the pieces to tidy up the mess. She cursed as she cut her finger, but as she looked at the blood she did so almost mesmerised by it. She picked up a bigger piece of glass holding it in her hand so tightly it cut into her fingers, blood dripping onto the floor. She sat debating what to do, it all seemed to make sense as she pressed the glass to her wrist and dragged it across.

She cried out at the pain before doing the same with her other wrist, dropping the glass on the floor before suddenly realising in panic what she'd done to herself. What would her love think of her if he saw her now? She tried to get to her feet to get help, but as the blood flowed quickly from her wrists it made her weaker and weaker. She stumbled out of the bathroom, trying to get to the comm panel but as she did she stepped onto another piece of glass and fell to the floor.

Elora walked into her adoptive parents quarters, her mouth dropping open at the sight infront of her. Nicole was lying on the floor barely conscious. Blood pooling under her wrists. "Nicole!! Mum!! Can you hear me!?" She'd seen this before and she quickly found something to bind Nicole's wrists to slow the bleeding. She quickly called for help =/\= Elora to Ops! Medical Emergency in the Eagles quarters!! I need an emergency transport for two to Sickbay, NOW!!" =/\=

As the transporter beam enveloped them and they materialised in Sickbay Elora stood back and let Doctor Beatrix take over. "She...she was lying on the floor!! I...I did what I could to help."

Beatrix rushed to the biobed, "What the frinx happened?" It was a general curse, not specific to the situation. She could see what was going on. How the Hell could this happen? She hadn't shown any signs of suicidal ideation when they last saw one another.

She tapped at the controls on the biobed as the clamshell surrounded her, the Doctor engaged the sterilization field as the dermal regenerative field went to action. "How could this have happened? Nicole, can you hear me?"p

Nicole slowly stirred from her unconscious state. "I...I didn't mean to...I tried to call for help! I couldn't...get there!"

"What does that mean?" One of the nurses asked as they stabilized her.

Beatrix shrugged, "You've got me." She tapped at the controls as the regenerative fields localized, "Where? Where couldn't you get?"

Nicole looked at Beatrix. “I was get to the comms panel in the bedroom.” Tears ran down her face. “What have I done!!”

"Why? Why did you need to use the communications panel?" She asked as the sterilization field worked. She directed the question to Elora as well, wondering what had happened. This was highly surprising to her.

“I didn’t have any other way to call for help!” Nicole was finding it frustrating having so many questions thrown in her direction. “I didn’t have a comm badge with me!”

"It's ok," she said reassuringly. Pressing at the controls of the biobed she checked the repair status. "Your wounds have been healed, but I'm going to ask that you speak with our Station Counselor."

Nicole nodded. "I will, that's a promise!"

"Good," Beatrix answered, "Because I've already scheduled you an appointment. The Nurse will provide you with the details."

Nicole nodded. "Thank you. I will never do this again, I was so stupid!!"

Beatrix nodded, "I'll take you at your word, after you meet with the Counselor." She was not going to back down on it. "Report back afterward so I can recheck your treatment regimen to ensure it holds." She picked up a small cortical transponder, "And wear this at all times just for the time being."

Nicole nodded. “I will thank you doctor. I want...” She paused for a moment. “To keep the scars, I want them there to remind me what a stupid mistake I made.”

"Of course," the El-Aurian typed at the controls and altered the healing sequence. A moment later the process was over, the patient completely healed. "Remember, see the Counselor."

Nicole slowly sat up giving it a moment before standing up. "I will. That's a promise!" With the cortical transponder in place she headed home to Andy and the girls. She'd no doubt have plenty of explaining to do.



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