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Starbase Port Royale, Starfleet's Base of Operations against the New Maquis and True Way Alliance. The year is 2395 and with hostilities beginning to resurface along the Federation and Cardassian Borders, the Federation has tasked Commodore Domingo Martinez and his crew, with the task of ensuring the peace, and addressing any concerns the New Maquis, Cardassian Detapa Coucil and the True Way Alliance may have.

Tensions are high along the border, and with war knocking at Starbase Port Royale's front door. It will be up to the crew to find a stability and balance within the area. The Cardassian Depata Council, the legitimate ruling body of the Cardassian People has asked the Federation for assistance, with a race calling themselves the True Way Alliance.

The Cardassian Government, is still trying to recover from the Dominion War, and all of the devastation and destruction that was caused by it. Councilor Garak, sends a diplomatic envoy to Port Royale, to assist the Federation. The True Way Alliance and the New Maquis also sent delegates to even the odds, and to keep the Federation and other races in the area at bay. .


Commanding Officer Executive Officer Second Officer Chief of The Boat
RADM Domingo Martinez CAPT Hadir Prenar CDR Sarah Sanchez Currently Open


United Federation of Planets
CDR Sarah Sanchez - CDO
Klingon Empire Romulan Star Empire
Ambassador Loval
Drax Empire
Ambassador Amelia Vieers
Cardassian Union
Ambassador Donas Gumar
Socra Empire Currently Open Currently Open


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